Inspired Classrooms Overview
Part 1: What is an Inspired Classroom (12 minutes)
Part 2: Setting Up a Room (19 minutes)
Part 3: Why inspired Classrooms? (7 minutes)
Part 4: The Dangers of Technology Projects (10 minutes)
Part 5: Using New Tools to do New Work (16 minutes)

Blogging With WordPress
Part 1: Signing Up and Logging In
Part 2: First Steps (here’s the handout)
Part 3: Posts & Comments
Part 4: Inserting Images and Hyperlinks
Part 5: Organize and Categorize
Part 6: Building a Blogroll

Internet Safety Tips for Parents
Part 1: First Steps for Parents, Beginning the Conversation

If you have a special need or would like to put in a specific request for the video series, let me know what you need. I will do my best to keep these coming.