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I'll be the first to post, but I can't take credit for this one. Ms. Key, a 5th grade teacher at Hanes gets all the glory for this wonderful example. At Hanes, we have a CSI (Cowboy's Science Investigation) term that we focus on each week. You can go see the post and comments for yourself, and while you are there, notice something really cool about thes students' responses. Notice that the students drew and referenced their information from a number of different locations. They referenced using their science kits, spelling words, dictionary, science textbooks, and several different websites to find their answer and examples. Ms. Key asked a simple question, but you can tell that the kids had been active in investigating and evaluating appropriate tools and resources for their research. Instant, open access to a wide array of resources...I love it. Great job Ms. Key's class. Keep up the good work!

Vocabulary Practice

Ms. Cavasos, a 5th grade teacher in Irving, TX, has her students practice vocabulary by creating a PPT of clues. Remember, Marzano encourages vocabulary instruction occur by students keeping a vocabulary notebook (I prefer digital) that contains their words, a defenition in their own words and a non-linguistic representation of the word (a drawing or other) that the student creates. It is then important to practice words in game formats, and this lesson is a perfect example. Notice who is doing the work... the teacher?? No way! The students do everything, including presenting their clues to the rest of the class. Check out the video: