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Overview/Instructional Videos:
If you want the whole story on Inspired Classrooms but are short on time, this is for you. I have condensed the major ”selling points” of Inspired Classrooms into these five videos. OK, its a little more than 20 minutes, but its really good stuff. Just grab a coke and popcorn and enjoy. These videos should open in a new window:

Part 1: What is an Inspired Classroom (12 minutes)
Part 2: Setting Up a Room (19 minutes)
Part 3: Why inspired Classrooms? (7 minutes)
Part 4: The Dangers of Technology Projects (10 minutes)
Part 5: Using New Tools to do New Work (16 minutes)

'The Original'
Created by Jerram Froese in 2000, this video documents the original ideas that got the Inspired Classroom model started. Despite being close to a decade old, this video contains the same, solid structure that makes up Inspired Classrooms today.

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